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Alexander Biggs’ New Single Is A “Tidal Wave” Of Feels

Alexander Biggs

If you need to wallow in your sorrows for a minute then listen up, because we’ve got just the track for you! Melbourne folk fellow Alexander Biggs’ latest single Tidal Wave is giving us all sorts of feels and we can’t stop listening to it.

If you enjoy Angus & Julia Stone and Bon Iver then you’ll love this tune. This is Biggs’ third ever single and the self-produced artist has given us a sound that is soft, melancholy, and honest. It’s the perfect soundtrack to sitting at the beach on a dark cloudy day, staring out at the sea and thinking about life.

Biggs is relatively new on the scene but his previous single Out In The Dark proved to be a huge hit, mellowing out folk fans everywhere. Now with this thought-provoking follower we’re getting pretty excited for the release of his debut EP ‘Until I Go To Hell’, set to drop this November.

Tidal Wave begins with soft-spoken acoustics and captivating vocals from Biggs, with each guitar string plucked to perfection. The gentle chords swish by as atmospheric bass notes and mild percussion send the listener into a gloomy trance.

The melancholy melodies will probably make you think of someone you miss, someone you love, or just something that makes you ponder, and Biggs’ shimmering voice only makes it all the more emotional. For a self-produced artist, we’re super impressed!

Read our recent interview with Alexander Biggs HERE, and have a listen to Tidal Wave below!

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