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Alien Invasion Q & A: Trails


Brisbane bombastic 6-piece Trails are just days from launching their newest single Borderline at Brisbane’s The Zoo. The group’s latest track continues to showcase their ability to mix catchy songwriting and progressive soundscapes with an absorbing collision of dreamy ambience, infectious guitar riffs, and breezy vocals. We threw a couple of questions at the band to see how they’d handle a surprise visit from another cosmic life form.

The news reports aliens are about to invade Earth, what’s the first thing you do?

Clean the house and put the kettle on. I wouldn’t want them to see my messy side.

Would you welcome our extra-terrestrial friends, be scared, or attack them?

As long as they aren’t highly extroverted preaching vegans, we’d welcome them.

They ask to speak to our leader, who do you put in charge?

People have always underestimated the Brand Power Lady’s abilities to not only inform, but also to administer a certain level of safety and tranquility amongst the public. If she could provide that same level of assurance and benevolence to an intergalactic rendezvous, I think the entire multi-verse would be a friendlier place.

They ask for an example of human kind’s music, what do you play them?

What’s Love – Fat Joe, Jah Rule and Ashanti would not only showcase an eclectic mix of pitch perfect vocal talent, but it would also help explain to our terrestrial friends exactly just what love has to do with it.

They ask for a human sacrifice, who do you volunteer as a tribute?

Anyone who still quotes Anchorman.

The aliens are hostile, how do you fight them?

By overusing emoticons and uploading gym selfies. There is no faster way to push people away. 

They have superior firepower, where do you hide?

We’d transcend from flesh and body in to radio waves. We’d then align ourselves to the ABC2 channel’s frequencies. Seriously, does that channel even exist? It’s easier finding Bin Laden.

Who are Trails’ biggest influences?

Radiohead, Everything Everything, David Attenborough, Bath Salts, and Satan. 

Describe Trails in 4 words, without using the letter ‘e’

Physically frail, musically strong.

Why should people come see Trails live? 

Because truth be told, we’re insecure and need external validation to achieve a sense of self-worth. Plus, if you don’t…we’ll come and see YOU live!

Trails ‘Borderline’ Launch
The Zoo, Brisbane