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ALTA’s “Plans” To Get You Groovin’ With Latest Single

ALTA press

It’s been a year since their ‘Awake For Days’ EP, and now stellar Melbourne duo ALTA a.k.a. producer Julius Dowson and vocalist Hannah Lesser are back! Ensuring their comeback is in no way dull, the pair have released Plans, a slick and soothing experimental anthem with subtle nods to the likes of SBTRKT, Little Dragon, and SOHN.

ALTA refuses to be confined to genre, their sound drawing from an array of styles ranging from Afrobeat to electronica, and Plans carries on this tradition. Opening with hypnotising, tribal-inspired percussion, Lesser’s calming voice adds the next layer, only to be reshaped by a pulsing bass-line, cracking drums, and glistening synths. Guided along by Lesser’s soaring tone and the incredibly funky, addictive beat below, what follows is a three-minute aural journey through a unique, groove-driven soundscape.

Dowson said the duo focussed on building the tracks using rhythms and percussive sounds. “For this track we tried to have distinctive differences between song sections to coincide with the lyrics,” he said.

Lesser said the song’s lyrics are about being there for someone. “It’s hard watching someone you care about continue making poor decisions, [but] sometimes stepping back and allowing them to fall is the only way to help. We all have different plans and come to crossroads where we need to remove ourselves from a person’s destructive path, but [still support them] if they need you.”

Take a listen for yourself below and get groovin’!