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Alter Bridge Show They’re The Leaders In Political Music Video

Alter Bridge

Alt-metal quartet Alter Bridge have released the video for their most recent single Show Me A Leader, delivering a strong message to the fans and public. This is the first single from the band’s forthcoming fifth studio album ‘The Last Hero’, which is set to be released in October.

Show Me A Leader is a ripper of a track that starts with a slow burn and some sweet solo work, before coming in full force with pounding drums and Myles Kennedy’s powerful vocals. What follows is the type of music Alter Bridge is known for, melodic and heavy. The end of the track presents yet another solo that we promise will melt your face off and have you attempting to play it on your air guitar!

Not only is this a killer song, but the video presents a statement on its own, reflecting Alter Bridge’s thoughts on politicians. Show Me A Leader’s music video, directed by Zev Deans, is semi-animated and depicts politicians with megaphones as heads, broadcasting messages to masses of people. The band is trying to counter these messages by playing their wild, encapsulating music on top of a roof.

It’s clear that despite being a band that’s been around for 12 years, with a few of the members being busy in side projects as well, Alter Bridge have no plans of slowing down.

‘The Last Hero’ is due to be released on October 7 via Naplam Records. Until then, check out the video for Show Me A Leader below!

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