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American Supergroup HELLYEAH Releases “Human” Video

Mudvayne Press Release

Texas supergroup HELLYEAH have released their lyric video for their single Human. With no information yet on an upcoming album, the video release definitely adds fuel to the speculation of possibly one in the near future.

Hellyeah consists of Mudvaynes vocalist Chad Gray, Pantera’s Vinnie Paul on drums, Tom Maxwell on guitar, Kyle Sanders (brother of MASTODON’s Troy Sanders) on bass, and Christian Brady on guitar.

Mudvayne was an experimental hard rock band that acclaimed many achievement. One of them being MTV2’s Award for their 1998 album ‘L.D. 50’ as well as peaking no. 33 and 32 on the American Mainstream Rock Track Charts.

Mastadon who have been around since 2000 also have won many awards including their 2012 album ‘The Hunter’ winning best album in the Kerrang! Awards.

The song Human is heavier than what HELLYEAH have previously released, as their last few singles have been pushing towards a more mainstream direction. The double kicks pound with loud shots of the snare, whilst the heavily strummed guitars and bass help Greys screamy vocals pierce through the song. This is a step up from what they have done, and is reminiscent of Mudvayne’s 2005 album ‘Lost and Found’.

It is unknown when and if an album is going to be released, however this song is definitely worth checking out!