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Amon Amarth Release Cinematic Medieval Music Video

amon amarth press photo

Swedish heavy metal royalty Amon Amarth have just dropped an awesome medieval battle themed video for their latest single At Dawn’s First Light.

Being in the game now for over 25 years, Amon Amarth live and breathe old school heavy metal culture and their forthcoming 10th studio album ‘Jomsviking’ promises to be as classic as ever. The band’s first foray into the much revered ‘concept album’ world, ‘Jomsviking’ tells a tragic tale of conflict and revenge in a medieval fantasy setting.

Classic heavy metal has always been over the top and Amon Amarth’s music video is no different. It sees the band playing in amidst a full scale medieval battle scene rivaling that of a feature length film. There’s blood, gore, and a whole lot of cheesy heavy metal fun to be had while watching.

As entertaining as the music video for At Dawn’s First Light is it doesn’t take away from what is actually a great heavy metal tune. Iron Maiden-esque galloping rhythms, spine tingling lead guitar work, and anthematic vocals combine to create an inspiring metal experience for anyone with a hangover from the mullet spinning 80s.

In a genre now filled with hipster looking young 20-somethings screaming about first world problems, it’s very refreshing to see such a global band still staying true to the origins of heavy metal. A definite much watch for veteran metal fans sick of skinny jeans, girl problems, and breakdowns. Check out the video below!