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Anaal Nathrakh Unleash Aural Hellfire With New Track


anaal nathrakh live shot

British extreme metal duo Anaal Nathrakh have returned, releasing the brutal new single Depravity Favours the Bold and announcing their new album, ‘The Whole Of The Law’.

Since their formation in 1999, the two piece have become renowned for their aural ferocity. Starting as a studio project, they eventually took to the stage after the success of their studio albums, playing their first show in late 2005. Since then the group have played sporadically live, with a handful of live dates and festivals. Their yet to be released album “The Whole of the Law” is sure to be the sonic distillation of evil, hatred and violence.

Lead single Depravity Favours the Bold could just as well be the soundtrack for Armageddon. Uniquely inventive and furiously intense, this new single is a perfect continuation of their previous material. The aggressive drums, grinding guitars and screeched vocals work together to create a wall of sound that batters the listener from the track’s opening note until the last.  The unnerving operatic vocals are a perfect addition to the track, creating a distinct sense of unease as it progresses.

The clean vocals towards the end work extremely well in the context of the track, acting as a sonic respite. The clean vocals also act as a musical turning point, as the song begins to mellow out a little from there on. Despite its ferocity and pervading sense of unease, the song is oddly catchy, due largely to some interesting guitar parts towards the end. Effortlessly fusing grindcore, black metal and death metal, this menacing track will brighten any metal fans day.

Anaal Nathrakh’s new album ‘The Whole Of The Law’ is set to be released Friday the 28th of October, and the band is labelling it “the soundtrack for Armageddon” (not the movie). Fortunately for us, Armageddon doesn’t scheduled for a few thousand years, so that should leave metal fans plenty of time to grab this album and learn some lyrics to sing along as the world ends.

anaal nathrakh the whole of the law art