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Anam Stone Jet Reveal Their Psych Infused New Single, ‘Rainbow Cemetery’

Naarm/Melbourne three-piece rock outfit, Anam Stone Jet has just revealed their brand new single, Rainbow Cemetery, an ode to the glory days of classic rock vibes. This new one follows on from their 2022 debut, My Back Is Killing Me.

Rainbow Cemetery comes at you with a full sense of rock nostalgia, hinting at moments of classic Zeppelin with a touch of Dylan to top it off, add that with Anam Stone Jet’s very own creative delivery and you have a modern-day rock hit! Big guitar licks meet head-swaying psychedelia in a terrific music offering.

Why should the end be symbolized by dismal weather and shades of shadows when life is so full of the spectrum of light which you see, make and live in. To what end is the end, truly? Rainbow Cemetery is the imaginary party that we hope to find at the end of our conscience and a homage to rock ‘n’ roll idols who have opened the world to feelings, questions, fashions and imaginations, which without our perspectives might be much narrower and less curious.

These revelations in entertainment shaped many aspects of the modern world. As time goes on and the pace of our world quickens with every day drawing nearer to the end of rock ‘n’ roll’s pioneers, poets and musicians. Imagine a Rainbow Cemetery with all your favourite dead artists and a party to the end of time. And live again, every day the sun comes up, after the end of the day, while the colour is there for you to see, live again.” – Rhodes, Anam Stone Jet.

The accompanying video is the perfect visual for the track, delivered in a 1960’s style cinematic experience. Anam Stone Jet will be performing at a single launch on March 16 at The Retreat Hotel in Melbourne.

Rainbow Cemetery is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro