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Anarchy vs Autocracy Q & A: Gideon Bensen

Gideon Benson

Somehow finding the time between touring and recording with The Preatures, Gideon Bensen is turning plenty of heads with his dark-pop solo project. We threw a few questions at the enigmatic pop artist about which laws and rules he’d change if he had autocratic power in Australia.

If you lived in a world without rules, would you embrace the freedom or be the leader and create rules for people to live by?

I would definitely embrace the freedom. Freedom for all! Who am I to tell someone how to live their life.

If you did create a set of rules to live what would be your first?

Do right by others, and the other 99,000 will never be necessary.

Would you have a justice system, or would you have something like martial law etc?

You’d have to have some sort of order. The world and ecosystem would fall apart.  I’d have some form of a Justice System. Nothing based on the American one though.

If you were a politician in modern time, what would your first proposed law be?

Reviewed Immigration Policy and Marriage Equality…. oh and also, a public holiday on every second Monday, because in these modern times we work too damn hard!

Do you think there are too many rules in modern times – rules that are unnecessary, or just downright ridiculous?

Yes, too many to name.

What prompted you to work on some solo music – and more importantly why did you embrace the more electronic sound?

Ive always been a fan of electronic music. Its the metallic nature and severity of the sounds you find in electronic music that I really like.

What is in store for the future? You are doing a show in Melbourne and Sydney; do you see yourself furthering your solo career by releasing an EP or an album?

Yes, I aim to play more shows throughout the year and release some more music. Ill be releasing an EP in the coming weeks, but have sights on an Album down the track.

How do you find time to work on your solo music, while super busy with The Preatures?

Ive just found the time. Its been a juggling act, but Ive made it work.