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Annoying Neighbours Unveil Mesmerising Sonic Odyssey with Psychedelic Single ‘The Plea’

Emerging onto the music scene with a sonic adventure, the six-piece sensation Annoying Neighbours is poised to captivate audiences in 2023 by releasing their latest single, ‘The Plea.’ Infusing a mesmerising blend of gliding guitars and an unmistakable psych-rock fuzz, the band seamlessly navigates through the rich tapestry of the genre, delivering a wholly distinctive musical experience.

Embarking on a sonic odyssey, Annoying Neighbours boldly chart a new course with their latest offering, ‘The Plea.’ Venturing into uncharted territory, the band delves into psychedelia’s expansive and vibrant universe, crafting a breezy yet profound new sonic landscape. In this musical exploration, the track’s lyrics serve as a poignant narrative, delving into the depths of emotions tied to desperation and the yearning for escape. Annoying Neighbours masterfully intertwines the ethereal with the tangible, inviting listeners into a realm where the boundaries of sound are pushed, and introspective themes find expression in the evocative notes of their refreshing style.

“This song came about out of desire to try and create something a little ‘left field’ compared to our previous work. We also wanted to challenge ourselves to see if we could write a song that was more ‘relaxed’ compared to the energy of the last two EPs, while still being highly engaging and true to ourselves. To do this we decided to delve deeper into the sound and style of psychedelia, which we had begun to explore lighty on our second EP ‘The Void’.” ANNOYING NEIGHBOURS.

Crafting a harmonious journey, the development of this track unfolded as a testament to the collective synergy within the band. The collaborative spirit among the members transformed jam sessions into a breeding ground for creativity, where each artist leaned into the unwavering confidence they shared, seamlessly weaving their magic into the evolving soundscape. The recording occurred at the esteemed New Brain Communications studio in Newcastle, NSW. Here, the track found its sonic identity through the skilled hands of Dhare Labbe, both as a mixer and a contributor to the collaborative energy. To add the final layer of sonic finesse, the track received expert finishing touches from Joe Carra of Crystal Mastering, bringing the collective vision of Annoying Neighbours to its full, resonant fruition.

“I wrote the original demo of ‘The Plea’ and the final track drew heavily on this in terms of the vocals and guitar parts. But it was through jamming and hours of back-and-forth conversations and ideas, we were able to develop it. New melody ideas, vocal harmonies – and some ‘special sauce’ as we like to call it – are all a direct result of this and gave the track the extra spice it needed. This song is easily one of the tracks that we’re most proud of and a great example to show our fans that we’re more than just a punk band from Brisbane. We can explore, we can expand, we can be ourselves.” – JAIDYN HARRISON, ANNOYING NEIGHBOURS.

Annoying Neighbours’ evocative sound pays homage to the nostalgia of psychedelic rock. It pushes the boundaries of their innovative style, promising to leave an indelible mark on the musical landscape. The Plea is available now everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro