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Anya Anastasia Reveals Her Stunning Debut Single, ‘Losing Wild’

Emerging Adelaide artist, Anya Anastasia has revealed her beautiful debut single, Losing Wild. It’s a stunning three and half minutes of pure delight.

Losing Wild is a very impressive way to debut Anya’s sound, it’s soft and smooth in delivery however holds a certain level of power with it’s darker tones. Thudding banjo strokes with a stomping drum meet Anya’s invigorating vocal’s with perfect harmony as things then head into a dreamy chorus, it’s like a perfect sleepy afternoon performed in a musical delivery.

‘Losing Wild’ explores the idea that the loss of biodiversity diminishes human imagination. The song suggests that the extinction crisis not only poses heartbreaking and planet-threatening external risks, but also heralds the end of good poetry and diminishment of playful minds. To find solutions, we all need to listen to our scientists whilst also engaging our imaginations.” – Anya Anastasia

Losing Wild is a stunning debut and we’re very excited to see more from this very talented artist. It’s available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro