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Listen To ‘Closer’, The Bold & Tense Track From Aquila Young

Aquila Young

Hailing from the Gold Coast, Aquila Young is a musician and songstress who is literally unlike anyone else in her realm. She is bold, dominate and captivating all at once, which comes to light on her latest single, Closer.

Teetering between pop and rock, it’s Aquila Young’s potent presence and vocals which make for a melodramatic and tense showcase. You may have thought Aquila Young was a charismatic frontwoman before, but she flips all preconceptions with Closer. Now, she has proven herself for world domination.

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On Closer, however, the production stands as one of the shining stars. Rivalling Aquila Young for the spotlight, the building instrumentation is without a doubt the best in her catalogue. As the song comes towards its final apex, the production rises and crumbles beneath her—Aquila Young’s broken vocals peer through, entrapping all light underneath it.

For the uninitiated, Aquila Young has found quick fame through a series of soaring singles and one EP, ‘Distance Echoes’. Her noir presence is captivating, as she keeps a very uniform yet mystique presence online. Live, she is just as compelling, if not moreso thanks to her troubadour band behind her.

Stream Closer below.

Written by Jake Wilton