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Arabella and The Heist Unleash Epic New Single, ‘1769’

Ignited by a potent blend of rock and unbridled fury, the femme-punk force from Melbourne, Arabella and The Heist, delivers a knockout blow with their intoxicating mix of fierce and seductive energy. With tightly clenched fists and gnashing determination,  they channel their fierce and seductive energy into the release of their snarling new single, ‘1769’ asserting their dominance in the realm of raw and unapologetic musical prowess.

Unbridled and uncompromising, ‘1769’ emerges as a relentless sonic storm, a maelstrom of hard-rock energy that reverberates with fuzzed-out guitars, gritty bass lines, and the powerhouse vocals of Arabella. In this unrelenting track, there’s little room to catch your breath as it propels you through a sweat-inducing journey, perfect for those daring souls seeking an adrenaline-soaked late-night experience and an invitation to ignite the mosh pit with unapologetic fervour.

Crafted under the expert guidance of Michael Badger (known for his work with Amyl and The Sniffers, Goldminds, King Gizz), this track pulsates with a frenetic energy, aptly characterized by Arabella as a “2AM heartbeat.” Titled after a particular brand of red wine, the song unfolds like a chaotic and indulgent odyssey through the vibrant night in the punk underworld, offering a sonic narrative that captures the essence of rebellious spontaneity and uninhibited revelry.

“We wanted to write a track that felt like a night out in Melbourne, and we wanted to build that energy and tension.” – Arabella.

In the rebellious embrace of ‘1769,’ Arabella and The Heist, deliver an anthemic auditory riot that captures the essence of a pulsating 2 AM heartbeat, inviting listeners into a chaotically indulgent night within the unapologetic realms of the punk underworld.

Upcoming Shows:

Thursday, March 28 – Duke Of Enmore, Sydney | Free Entry

Written by Chris Lamaro