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Arcade Games Q & A: RKDA


Just a few months ago Melbourne electronic trio RKDA turned heads all over ‘straya with the release of their debut EP ‘CS’. They’re now back again with a chilling narrative for their music video for Frontline, which centres around feeling trapped…in a VERY artsy way. We asked 2/3 of the group about their arcade skills and what we should know about their new music video.

Which member of the band is the best or most experienced at playing video games?

Guy: I wouldn’t say I was the best, but probably the most experienced.

Laura: I’m going to say Ana. She seems to be the most savvy and has the highest score on Facebook Basketball. Guy got me onto this squishy octopus game I couldn’t put down.

What’s the first game you would go for in an arcade?

Laura: I suck at games…probably the easiest…and cheapest. #broke

Guy: Daytona USA all the way! Makes me feel like a kid again.

If you could play a video game against anyone, who would it be?

Laura: My mum, it’d be hilarious!

Guy: I heard the Queen owns a Nintendo, that’d be interesting.

When you’re playing Mario Kart, who’s most likely to be winning?

Guy: Probably Laura.

Laura: I own it. I haven’t played in a while. I know the cheats and short cuts. I suck though if I’ve had a few sneaky bevs…

Who is most likely to realise halfway through that they’ve been staring at the wrong screen the whole time?

Laura: Probably Guy. If there’s too many things going on he get’s easily distracted. Actually probably me if I’m not Player One. I’m so use to looking at the same spot.

If you had to go to a party dressed as a character from a video game, who or what would you go as?

Laura: Commander Keen. That was the first computer game. He is badass or the slug king because it’s gross.

Guy: I’d go as a huge paper cut out of Parappa The Rapper so I could pull off great dance moves at the party.

Laura: I don’t know if dressing up can help you with your dance skills Guy…

Where’s your favourite arcade?

Guy: Pixel Alley, it has free Street Fighter II and amazing jerk chicken upstairs.

Laura: The RSL Club in Biloela…that’s the only place I play games…yeah, I know, NOT COOL.

How would you describe RKDA’s sound and live show?

Laura: More live than an arcade game, but still lots of bloops and bleeps.

Guy: Like meeting Psycho Mantis in Metal Gear Solid.

We’re loving your first single Quartz from your ‘CS’ EP, where did the inspiration for the track come from?

Laura: Lyrics wise it’s about letting go of someone or something and not bring up things from the past (not waking the dead). Music wise we really wanted to experiment with old 90s synth sounds and dirty them up. It kind of has a mix of post punk with a huge electronic influence.

Lastly, tell us three things people should know about your Frontline music video?

Laura: Jac Meddings is a beautiful human and not related to Guy. Cacho Mendoza and Emma Rose Sullivan are two of the most talented people I have ever met and have a way of bringing music to life effortlessly. And, Scott Benedictine’s threads always have a way of making us look sick.

RKDA Live Shows

The Milk Factory, Brisbane
Hugs & Kisses, Melbourne

Written by Jess Martyn