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Archer Shares Inspo Playlist For Her Recent EP, ’23’

Gold Coast indie-pop artist, Archer recently unveiled her latest musical creation, the EP 23, a captivating blend of alternative pop that defies genre conventions. This debut EP introduces listeners to Archer’s distinctive sound, showcasing her artistic evolution with a collection that includes standout tracks like Bittersweet and Overgrown.

23 unfolds as a rich tapestry of emotional and creative expression, traversing diverse musical landscapes. From the infectious pop melodies of ‘Bittersweet’ to the soulful piano balladry of ‘Slowly,’ Archer’s EP masterfully explores a spectrum of sonic dimensions. Each track serves as a testament to Archer’s exceptional songwriting prowess, showcasing her ability to seamlessly navigate various genres and deliver a compelling and authentic musical experience. The EP not only covers all bases but also unveils the depth and versatility of Archer’s artistic vision, leaving listeners immersed in the captivating journey of her distinctive sound.

“The whole EP explores themes of nostalgia and reflection. I guess it was just a period of my life where I was feeling really reflective and it kind of came out in my music. It’s kind of like standing still and looking at the past and the future and recognising where you’ve come from and where you see yourself going. I’ve discussed 23 being a significant number. The name of the EP came from the fact that I was 18 when I first started releasing music and now I’m 23. Again it’s just me being nostalgic and thinking about all the time that has passed since dropping Malibu and all the things that have changed since being 18” ARCHER.

As a body of work, 23 serves as a poignant reflection on Archer’s journey in the music industry, inviting audiences to delve into the artist’s introspective exploration of her career and personal growth.

To celebrate the release, Archer has shared with us a playlist of her biggest musical influences while writing 23.

Don’t come back to me – Eternal Crush

The bridge of whispers was directly inspired by this track. I just wanted to create a feeling similar to how this track makes me feel.

Save your tears – The Weeknd

It’s the happy/sad nature of this track that I love. It’s also the best track to scream in the car.

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head – Kylie Minogue

This song is my Roman Empire. There’s not a day that goes past that I don’t think about it. 

Bored – Billie Eilish

This track reminds me of Slowly so much. It’s all about drifting apart.

Last Night – GRAACE

Another one that I streamed religiously and I can feel a lot in slowly.

Grammy – Allday

It wouldn’t be an Archer EP without a bit of All day inspo. The themes for Star are loosely drawn from Grammy.

Maroon – Taylor Swift

Obsessed with the whole midnights album but this track has to be a stand out.

Under Your Spell – Desire

I love the 80-esk synths and the lyricism so much in this. It was in a movie I studied in Year 12 media and has stuck with me ever since.


Archer’s debut EP, 23 is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro