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Archer Shares Studio Diary for The Making Of Her Latest Bop, ‘Bittersweet’

Emerging from the vibrant Gold Coast music scene, Archer recently introduced herself with an unforgettable presence on her latest track, ‘Bittersweet.’ This infectious bedroom-pop anthem isn’t just catchy; it’s a lyrical journey through the complexities of unrequited love. Overflowing with ear-pleasing melodies, dynamic production, and an irresistible charm, Archer’s ‘Bittersweet’ leaves an indelible mark, solidifying her status as a rising star to keep a keen eye on.

“The track itself is about going out of your way to change how you are for the benefit of someone else and the realisation that the whole feeling is bittersweet when it doesn’t work out. The story is told in the terms of a relationship that goes sour after miscommunicated expectations which makes it all a bit sassy and fun – I mean not for anyone who takes it to heart though.” Archer

To celebrate the recent release, Archer has shared with us her studio diary of the making of Bittersweet and some insights on how the track came to life.

October 2022: I asked Drest to reproduce a track based on a rough demo I was actually recording for someone else. I really love the lyrics of the track and the other artists decided not to go ahead with it so I decided to reproduce the track for the lyrics. Once Drest had the rough outline of  the track, it sat on the drive for a while until we decided to dust it off.

December 2022: In December, I flew down to Melbourne to record some other stuff for an upcoming bigger release and we ended up deciding to write some fresh lyrics to the track. We started off with the chorus and decided we wanted to work around 3 syllabal sayings to go along with the productions. That’s where phrases like “fingers green” and “limousine” came from which lead to “bittersweet”. We wrote majority of the track minus the bridge in these 2 sessions

February 2023: In February, Drest recommended that we sign on Riverine to work some extra magic on the track. I had my first call with Riverine early 2023 and we added some layering to the chorus as well as rearranging some of the chords in the verses.

April 2023: Then in April I was back down in Melbourne with the only objective to finish writing and recording the vocals on the track. I’d already written the bridge lyrics prior to flying down so it was mainly recording and making minor tweaks. On the 9th of April we finished writing the lyrics and majority of the production was done. This is where we decided to add the little post-bridge drop, so once I’d wrapped in Melbourne I planned one more call with Riverine to polish out the final drop. It felt like everything was working against me in this session (especially my wifi).  But we got the track finished, exported and got the Drest tick of approval.

May 2023: In May, Drest mixed and mastered the final track (as well some other exciting project heheh) and it was ready to be uploaded into the streaming platforms

August 2023: Bittersweet is lined up for release – and came out on August 23!

Archer’s catchy new single, Bittersweet is available now, everywhere.


Written by Chris Lamaro