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Ardon England Shares His 5 Favourite Artists

New Zealand based genre-bending powerhouse Ardon England has just unleashed his brilliant debut EP That’s Camp, which we had the joy of premiering just a couple of weeks ago. To celebrate the EP and to get to know Ardon a little better, he’s shared with us his 5 favourite artists of the minute and why.


She will forever be one of my all-time favorites. I love everything about her! I even have a glitter painting of her on my wall. I feel super connected to her music in so many ways; she is so effortless and has such a unique sound. A lot of this generation doesn’t know who she is, but they are missing out! My one dream would be to see her live—I hope she does one last final tour. I’m obsessed, to say the least.


So ARAHI is a New Zealand artist I just stumbled across in the last few weeks. His EP “Revelator” was released in 2022, and what a gem to find! This has been on repeat for me. It’s the perfect music for driving or putting on while working (I’m listening to it as I type). His voice has a really deep, beautiful soul sound to it, and the production of the songs is very comforting!


Where do I begin? Anyma is like my electronic crush! His sound, live shows, and visuals encapsulate what I envision in my head sometimes. His sound is very inspiring for me as an electronic artist, and some of the intricate sound gems he’s used throughout his production are pure magic! Not to mention, he’s a total babe. If I could collaborate with anyone right now in music, it would be him, hands down!

Ariana Grande

What can I say? I didn’t want to love her new album Eternal Sunshine, but I do. I love pop music, but I usually just like the beats and don’t always feel super connected to it on a deep level. I put this album on for a listen, and I was hooked. Even though it doesn’t look like it from these answers, I really am an R&B girl at heart—it’s what I grew up on. This album is a nice mix of pop with slight R&B vibes. We can’t deny she has an incredible voice, and the little queer boy inside me lives for it!


I am proud to call Sanoi (Jonas Fischer) one of my friends, but before we were friends, I was a huge fan of his when I first heard his track “GP.” It was one of my go-to tracks to dance to during lockdown. Last year, he released an album called Echoes of Home. It is such a gentle, melodic, and intricate body of work that really takes you on a journey! The album charted here in NZ, and he truly is one of NZ’s best producers and DJs. You can tell by listening to this album that he really thought about every single sound that is authentic to him and gives him a unique sound that is Sanoi. Get it in your ears now! We might be heading into the studio to work together sometime soon…watch this space!

Ardon England’s debut EP, ‘That’s Camp’ is available now, everywhere.