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Arky Waters Drops Electrifying EP, ‘Bumper’

Australian artist Arky Waters is making waves in the electronic music scene with the release of his highly anticipated EP, Bumper. Following the success of his three exceptional singles – Take My Time, Gum, and Hercules – Waters delivers a captivating blend of breakbeat, jungle, and tech-house electronica in his latest offering.

Bumper not only showcases Waters’ remarkable production skills but also pays homage to the vibrant dance music scene in Sydney, which served as a significant source of inspiration for the EP.

“‘Bumper’ is a collection of tracks I made heavily inspired by the current dance music scene in Sydney. You have so many new crews and promoters all pushing different types of music – every weekend I would go out and hear something different. The best part is they’re all pushing music that they love. I guess I wanted to honor all the people that I’ve met along the way – something for the techno heads, the junglists and UKG ravers. Best part is everyone listens to everything nowadays, and you see similar faces everywhere you go. I will forever be a student of electronic music and I think this EP is a reflection of that.” – Arky Waters.

As Bumper hits the airwaves, listeners can expect an immersive auditory experience that celebrates the eclectic tastes and boundless creativity of the electronic music scene. With its infectious rhythms and innovative production, Arky Waters’ EP promises to leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

Written by John Zebra