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Arky Waters Unleashes Sonic Storm with Rave Anthem ‘Gum’

Arky Waters, the innovative Australian music creator, unveiled his latest sonic masterpiece, Gum, just last week. This electrifying track is a bold successor to his previous hit, Take My Time, and stands as the second glimpse into the musical journey that awaits his highly anticipated debut EP. Waters continues pushing sound boundaries, showcasing his dynamic artistry with each release.

Gum emerges as a quintessential rave anthem destined to reverberate through countless dancefloors this summer. Fueled by relentless energy and a booming bass kick, the track positions itself as the ultimate soundtrack for the darkened ambience of underground raves. Its unbridled purity in delivery makes it a standout addition to late-night energy playlists, immersing listeners in an electrifying sonic experience that captures the essence of the rave culture.

After COVID finished I tried to go to as many events as I could in order to support the music scene. Even on days I didn’t feel like it, I would drag myself out and go to all the local raves that were going on in Sydney – crews like Illicit, Allfriends, Pulso, City Soup and Motorik. I’d go by myself most times but it was never a lonely experience because the communities were so open and friendly. Everyone was doing something different but they were all celebrating music. It was kind of beautiful. I ended up making this track as a tribute to that time as I was exposed to a lot of techno that I had never heard before.” ~ Arky Waters.

Gum promises to be the pulse of summer raves with its relentless energy and solidifies Arky Waters as a dynamic force in the electronic music scene, leaving an indelible mark with its pure and electrifying sound.

Written by Chris Lamaro