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Artist Spotlight: The Species Make Rockin’ Come Back

The Species 2016

British 4-piece The Species had a rocky start in their early years together but have finally made a come back with the release of Broken Glass, the lead single from their upcoming EP ‘Translucent Fears’.

Think of the Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferndinand, and Kasier Chiefs being shoved into a blender and mixed to create the juicy sound that is The Species. Inspired by the grunge and psychedelia of the late 60s, they’ve come to create a loud and heavy-riff based Brit rock style.

Broken Glass features heavily effect-laden rock with brash, alternative rhythms. The use of haunting vocals, a reverberating drum beat, and overdriven-octave guitar solos (think Doctor Who’s theme song but rockin’) creates an energetic yet dark vibe.

The band originally formed in 2009 under the name Penguin Thieves before they changed to become The Species, but things didn’t last as they disbanded a year later due to personal problems. It wasn’t until 2011 that Gary Nelson, lead vocalist and guitarist, called the guys back and once again were performing shows together. For the past several months they’ve been writing, recording and tirelessly preparing for the release of their debut EP.

The Species EP ‘Translucent Fears’ is available July 1st.