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Artists Waving Performance Fees For Pro-Asylum Seekers Fundraiser

Gimme Shelter Charity Event

Tunes, poems, and laughs will be a plenty at Gimme Shelter, Melbourne’s upcoming charitable event for which artists unite to support the work of Road to Refuge.

The event will take place at The Shadow Electric in Abbotsford and has an impressive line-up planned to support the organisation that is dedicated to community engagement around people seeking asylum in Australia.

Gimme Shelter will be headlined by Gareth Liddiard from The Drones, Ben Abraham, The Harpoons DJS, Nhattyman, Arthur Penn, The Funky Ten, and Cable Ties, along with special guest Tom Ballard and spoken words poets and comedians.

The non profit, volunteer run organisation has been dedicated to community engagement around refugees since 2012.

The organisation facilitates workshops and runs events that aim towards informed and positive conversations about people seeking safety in Australia.

Most proceeds will go towards projects and workshops planned in 2016 to stimulate a more encouraging outlook towards those desperately seeking safety.

It’s sure to be a massive event where your ticket will not only give you a day of entertainment, but most importantly help people that have had to leave behind everything they know.

Gimme Shelter Road to Refuge
The Shadow Electric, Abbotsford Victoria
Get tickets HERE