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ATLVS Release Raging Mini-EP, ‘Shadow Dancer’

Gunaikurnai/Gippsland-based metalcore quartet ATLVS have just unveiled their frenetic mini-EP ‘Shadow Dancer‘ – produced by Damien Bigara (Diesect), and mixed/mastered by Michael Campbell(She Cries WolfDiamond ConstructDeficit).

‘Shadow Dancer’ is a blistering three-track series that catapults into a maelstrom of thundering drums, shredding guitars and guttural vocals. Narratives about toxicity, being let down by those closest to you and feelings of lost connection centre the collection, showcasing unexpected musical twists whilst simultaneously creating a cacophony of chaos.

ATLVS share the inspiration behind the tracks in ‘Shadow Dancer’:

“‘Virus’ speaks on toxicity in general experiences we have all shared. Specifically when you think you know someone but it turns out they never had your best interests in mind. They act like a ‘virus’ and prey on all around them and are only out for themselves. ‘Forked Tongue’ is about being let down by family/friends you thought you knew and ‘Shadow Dancer’ is about the phenomenon of two kindred souls meeting in this life and the circumstances did not let them be together, even though they both know deep down that their souls were meant to be.”

Virus‘ opens with a whirlwind of electronically-tinged drums before a furious scream pierces through the ambience, serving as a powerful prelude to the impending sonic assault. ‘Forked Tongue‘ interjects a relentless onslaught of booming guitars that reverberate with intensity. Instrumental breakdowns inhabit the arrangement, scorching along the glitchy, dystopian textures.

Title-track ‘Shadow Dancer‘ ends the record with raw, visceral energy that weaves through vocal that oscillate between powerful growls and soaring melodies. The track’s rises before offering moments of solitude in the bridge that continue to the thought-provoking finale.

‘Shadow Dancer’ is available worldwide now




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Written by John Zebra