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Austen Has Your Back With Her Latest Single, ‘Worse Things’

Melbourne/Brisbane indie pop artist Austen has teamed up with Luke McDonald (The John Steel Singers)and the legendary Jono Ma (Jagwar Ma) to bring you her latest single, Worse Things.

The new single has a lovely organic delivery. It has a jazzy feel with the added production styling that gives it a pop feel. Smooth guitar stabs over the top of boppy beats with Austen’s familiar vocal stance.

Lyrically it touches on overcoming anxiety and using the motto that ‘Worse Things could happen’ to comfort the onset of a panic attack.

“It’s kind of turned into my mantra lately, so it feels especially fitting and cathartic to release this now. To me the song feels like looking at my anxiety through this nostalgic, rose-tinged lens and being able to detach from it for a few minutes.” – Austen

“The thing that caught my attention about Austen was something that I’ve always been drawn to in pop. I like music that has one eye on the past and one eye on the future. It’s a tricky thing to do well but I think Austen has managed it. There’s this sense of ‘retro-nostalgia’ while still remaining bold and forward thinking.” – Jono Ma

It’s been a pretty good ride so far for Austen as she received some big love for her 2019 single Anthem as well as reaching the finals of Triple J Unearthed’s DIYSUPERGROUP competition with her Walfjay-collaboration Very Soon, Very Frequent. If this latest single is anything to go by it’s easy to see things are only going to go up for Austen.

Worse Things is available now, everywhere.


Written by Chris Lamaro