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Aussie Heavy-Hitters Hellions Release Rowdy New Track

Hellions promo image final

Aussie revellers and all around hard rockers Hellions have released a punk-flavoured new track Quality Of Life, their latest release since ‘Indian Summer’ in 2015.

One of the newest heavy groups to emerge from the Australian scene, the new single provides fans with the exciting blend of energetic music people have come to love. By combining the aggressive and full-frontal elements of punk and the melodic sensibilities of rock, Hellions has successfully created their own unique brand of hardcore.

However, distinct musicality is only part of the ambition found on Quality Of Life as the title suggests, singer Dre Faivre’s lyrics focus on the idea of living life as you want to, without succumbing to inhibitions from other people.

On the track, Faivre said “There was this euphoric sense of freedom while recording this song that is still alive when we play it together. We’re passionate about being yourself and living your life the way you want to live it; I think this song is a testament to that.”

The release of Quality Of Life shows the youthful fire that sparks the group is burning brighter than ever, and their momentum can only grow from here!