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Avenues’ Latest Single Is Definitely Not Nothing


Melbourne 4-piece Avenues are set to release their single Nothing on Wednesday 15th of June and it’s a bit of a cracker! The single is the band’s first release since their debut self-titled EP in February last year after a nine-month hiatus.

The song is reminiscent of Violent Soho with softer vocals like The Dandy Warhols. The contrast between the vocals and harsh, distorted instrumentation create a lovely dynamic within the tune. The song builds in intensity throughout, later introducing a catchy, clean guitar counter melody that adds a really nice layer to the song.

The consistent drums add plenty of kick with drummer Mitchell Casey making good use of every piece of his kit. Running for just under three minutes, the song enters, makes its point, then leaves before you find yourself getting sick of it.

Nothing is the first song the band have released since singer and guitarist Adam Raffa beat cancer in June 2015. Avenues are currently recording a bunch of songs from their hiatus period and say that many of them are influenced by depression, loss, and Raffa’s fight against cancer. The band’s sound is different from their pre-hiatus sound, with the 4-piece now taking influence from “90s grunge and modern shoegaze”.

If you’re a fan of dynamic indie rock or the softer Australian grunge sound, definitely give this track a listen!