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Aydin Sayar Offers A Glimpse into Resilience with New Single, ‘Day By Day’

Celebrated for his knack for introspective and emotionally candid songwriting, Aydin Sayar, the talented writer and producer hailing from Naarm/Melbourne, makes a poignant comeback with his latest single, ‘Day by Day.’ In this moving composition, he imparts a profoundly uplifting message to his former self, addressing the arduous journey of mental health with touching grace and sincerity.

A candid revelation of his struggles with depression and anxiety, Sayar compassionately guides listeners through the depths of his personal challenges, a time when these afflictions rendered him paralysed in his daily existence. Amidst tales of wrestling with vices and grappling with fading hope, Sayar masterfully weaves an optimistic tapestry with his ethereal vocals and celestial instrumentation, offering solace to those who have walked similar paths.

“I was reminiscing about the first time I ever had a panic attack or suffered from anxiety and thought ‘if only I could go back to past Aydin and say hey it’s gonna be ok man. I was in a dark place at first which resulted in me turning to alcohol and I developed a habitual hermit-like existence. I just want to give my old self a big hug. Anxiety, panic and depression had a stronghold on my life for a long time and I am definitely in a better place and sometimes I reflect on how bad things were.” – Aydin Sayar

To celebrate the release, Aydin has shared with us his five favourite all-time tracks and why.

Firework by waveform* 

I have been smashing this song from their newest album “Antarctica.” My dear friend and co-producer Hamish Mitchell got me onto this album. What I love in particular about this track, is the shoegaze-y verse/bridge and then this very cool emo chorus with great overdriven guitar tones! You should definitely give this band a play, I have drawn heaps of inspo from this album!

It’s You by LA Priest

LA Priest is absolutely one of my favourite artists. His new album “Fase Luna” is very very cool! What I love about this song is the movement of the chords and the lush vocal production. I have always been really drawn to Priest’s guitar and bass tones. Make sure you check out their previous stuff, in particular the album “Inji.”

Returning by Juice Webster

I’ve been a MASSIVE fan of Juice’s music and am privileged to call her a friend. She has just recently released her debut album called “Julia” which has a stronghold on me at the moment. “Returning” is probably my favourite as the vocal melodies are just beautiful. The lyricism, guitars overall textures of the track are just awesome! Big shout out to Juice and my good friend Gormie who helped record it!

Sleepwalking by Deerhunter

Honestly I always listen to “Monomania” from Deerhunter so I thought I had to chuck “Sleepwalking in there.” This track is my favourite off this album which I feel as a whole is quite an underrated Deerhunter album! I have always been a massive fan of Bradford Cox’s lyrics and vocal tone. I have always loved the production on pretty much every single Deerhunter track, but the textures on this track are probably a standout for me! I really struggled to decide whether “Sleepwalking” or “The Missing” was my favourite song off the album, why don’t you let me know what you think.

You Don’t Live Here by Eaglemont

Eaglemont is one of my favourite artists to see live in Melbourne. I have known them for a few years and it is so awesome to see them playing live and releasing music again! Her vocals really hit you in the face in this track and its fucking awesome! The guitars are so lush and her voice is so fucking rich. Definitley one of my favourite tracks of the year! Give Eaglemont the love that they deserve!

Embracing vulnerability and resilience, ‘Day By Day’ is a poignant anthem that resonates with the human spirit, reminding us that hope can be found even in our darkest moments. It’s available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro