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AYLA Reveals Captivating New Single, ‘I Liked You Better When You Were On My Side’

Brisbane’s alt-pop sensation AYLA delivers a captivating sonic experience with her latest single, I Liked You Better When You Were on My Side. Co-written and produced by Ed Quinn of Telenova, the track emanates a nostalgic aura, transporting listeners to the intimate moments at the end of a party, where solitude softly envelops the atmosphere.

From the moment you hit play, ‘I Liked You Better When You Were on My Side’ enchants with its seamless flow and impeccable production quality. AYLA’s vocals glide effortlessly over the melody, leading listeners on a journey through the complexities of relationships and self-discovery.

The track’s empowering chorus invites sing-alongs, while its pre-chorus offers a glimpse into the song’s lyrical depth, encapsulating a desire to uncover the truth behind the facade. Each element of the song, meticulously crafted during dynamic studio sessions, contributes to its irresistible energy, propelling it to new heights of musical excellence.

“’I Liked You Better When You Were on My Side’ started as a topline on a production track, and with Ed’s help, we refined the structure and added new elements to take the song to the next level. It was a collaborative effort that brought a real effortless groove to the production.” – AYLA.

I Liked You Better When You Were on My Side serves as a tantalising preview of AYLA’s forthcoming debut album, Dopamine, slated for release on July 12th. With its infectious hooks and poignant storytelling, this single solidifies AYLA’s position as a rising star in the alt-pop scene, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating what’s to come.

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Written by John Zebra