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Baba Stiltz Makes Depressingly Upbeat House Music On ‘Maze’

Baba Stiltz has had a stranglehold on idiosyncratic dance music for some time. Maze is the Swedish-born artist’s latest and comes with the announcement of his new EP, ‘Showtime’—released via XL Recordings.

Playful and unlike anything else preceding it, Maze is an intriguing coalition of house, techno and disco. Downtrodden and coaxed with an enigma of hopelessness, Baba Stiltz compliments that with incredibly danceable beats. His synth lines are a little off-centre, which makes them more compelling.  You can’t help but side with Baba Stiltz in his shuffling tempest.

Baba Stiltz plays with your emotions. You’re ensure whether to dance or cry. His voice plays a big part in this. It’s often distant, bubbly and somehow metallic at the same time. When he confesses his heartbreak, it’s all too real and sharpening. His upcoming ‘Showtime’ EP is set to be an intriguing look into the even more intriguing artist.

“This EP is a collection of songs that were recorded during the past couple of years. They all represent things I’ve been going through, just day to day stuff; travelling, djing, meeting people, being alone a lot, falling in love, parties, hang overs etc. ‘Showtime’ as a title just means it’s showtime. Before every gig, every day of travel. Always somewhere. Pressure, stress, excitement. Gig-economy self-loathing and megalomania,” states Baba.

‘Showtime’ is out via XL Recordings on Friday 8 June. Stream Maze below.

Written by Jake Wilton