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Babypod: A Must-Have For Music-Loving Mums-To-Be


Most pregnant music lovers have probably lamented the fact that they can’t play some of their favourite tunes directly to the tiny ears of their unborn babies. Well, thanks to Babypod, that struggle is now over!

Babypod is a small intravaginal device designed to play music directly to your baby, navigating the problematic barrier that is the uterine wall. Apparently very simple to use, it can connect to any smartphone or mp3 device.

Playing music to babies in the womb has been theorised to stimulate communication and language skills and encourage neural development, but it’s also a chance to develop a taste for good music in your baby as early as possible. It’s never too soon to prevent Nickelback Adoration Syndrome.

For only $185.16 you can own your very own Babypod, and start your child’s development the right way. Get yours HEREand then check out the Babypod in action below!