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Bad Trip Q & A: NYNE


Melbourne-born producer NYNE has been impressing plenty of tastemakers recently, so much so he’s now the first Australian the world’s most electrifying production team, Drake’s OVO collective. We asked the in-deman artist how she copes with trippin’ balls and the story behind her latest single Bad Trip!

What’s more devastating, tripping on your own feet and falling face first in front of a hot date? Or, tripping up a flight of stairs carrying instrument gear?

Falling on your face would definitely suck, but then add in someone you like seeing it?? The worst!

If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, what countries would you hit up?

The US, for Los Angeles. I haven’t been for a while and I absolutely love the energy of that city. Or maybe Fiji, I spent New Year’s Eve there and it was beautiful. No phones, no emails, it’s paradise!

Late night festival set or club DJ set?

Late night festival set for sure!

If you find yourself in a precarious situation, whats the best way to ride it out?

Umm, breathing exercises and zone the f*ck out! Hopefully crisis averted!

A certain form of magical mushroom accidentally ends up in your salad, would you ride off on a unicorn into the rainbow sunset or would you be in for a ‘Bad Trip?

I think I’d be paranoid I was having a heart attack until it wore off!

For the uninitiated how would you describe NYNEs sound and live shows?

It’s for the most part a little dark. Bad Trip is the odd one out right now for me. But I can’t wait to really get into live shows and figure out what more about what NYNE is live. I’ve got lots of ideas for the shows that I can’t wait to work out!

Loving the new single Bad Trip, whats the story behind it?

Bad Trip is about a time when I was just non-stop partying and I was really new to it, basically doing a lot of things for the first time.

Lastly, what are three things that fans should know about the upcoming EP?

  1. I’m working with other producers as well as producing a few myself or co producing.
  2. 9/9.
  3. I’m f*cking excited!