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Listen To Bares’ Breathless Electro-Pop Spree On ‘Montage’


Colliding the organic and inorganic qualities of electro-pop, Bares takes a heady approach to subtle, syncopated electronica. Montage is the artist’s most extravagant emotional contortion, pushing her further into the limelight than ever.

Hollow without sounding empty, Bares’ production styles is reminiscent of the complex compositions of Kimbra. Moving along with her own voice, used as an instrument itself, Bares couples the synthetic textures of her electronics with the vitriol pop aesthetics she’s already crafted. As the track cascades, Bares’ versatility is more forward-facing than ever.

The swelling of Bares’ voice and synth/guitar combination is perfect. The synths boil underneath, rising to the brim only when Bares allows. Her control over her brash pop is fierce and demanding. The buzz of electro-pop chemistry is infectious—it bubbles amongst ambling synths and frolicking guitar lines. Bares searches for the unexplored.

Using music as a platform to vent her anxieties, Bares took Montage is distill her own personal, downtrodden moments. The song is also a reminder, too, that you’re not alone out there.

“Sometimes the drowned-out thud of your heart-beat echoing through your bones is the only reminder you have that you’re still alive when you feel like everything else is crashing down,” explains Bares.

Stream Montage below.

Written by Jake Wilton