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Baro Calls Out Ivan Ooze Over Wu-Tang Clan Support Slot

Ivan Ooze Baro

Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West are facing some stiff competition for best beef of 2016 after Baro and Ivan Ooze got locked in a war of words on Facebook over Ooze’s Wu-Tang Clan support slot.

It all began with a post on Baro’s private Facebook page in which one of the Melbourne rapper’s friends questioned Ooze’s selection as the Wu-Tang Clan’s support act on their current Australian tour.  Baro then proceeded to go off, saying Ooze sucked and labelling him as corny.

“Sorry that your butt hurt Baro and your shows don’t sell, better luck next tour”

He then gifted us with one of the greatest analogies of all time, comparing Ooze to, “that girl from school who thought she could sing real well and everybody told her she has a beautiful voice but in reality everybody is LYING and I’m forced to sit through assembly and watch her flaunt the false ego she was given by her peers.’’

However, it didn’t take long for this exchange to catch the eye of none other than Ooze himself, who swiftly responded by posting screenshots of Baro’s posts and saying, “It’s funny how you can hardly say a bad word about someone, yet they can be so childish and sour towards you”.

“Legit, the only reason I started doing this rap shit is to help my parents put food on the table and pay rent, but some people wouldn’t know nothing about that. Sorry that your butt hurt Baro and your shows don’t sell, better luck next tour” Ooze said.

Baro hasn’t responded to the comments just yet, but you can catch Ivan Ooze on tour with the Wu-Tang Clan.

Wu-Tang Clan Australian Tour Dates


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Riverstage, Brisbane

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