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Batu Makes Impatient Techno On ‘Flash React’


Batu forms esoteric and break neck electronic music. The UK artist has announced his new EP via XL Recordings, ‘Rebuilt’, and dropped its first single, Flash React.

On first listen, the producer makes fast, almost rushed, propulsions of techno. However, let the track unravel a little bit and what you’re left with is a highly intelligent formation of post-dubstep and electronic innovation. Forming his own prism of rapid-fire percussion and glistening techno flairs, Batu skates over a rhythmic board of UK-influenced garage and deep house. It’s impressive how emotive Batu makes Flash React—in its cold, isolated shell.

Batu—real name Omar McCutcheon—founded his own record label, Timedance, a platform for showcasing his tastes utilising a close knit group of young producers and DJs. ‘Rebuilt’ will be Batu’s third release in just over a year.

‘Rebuilt’ is out via XL Recordings on Friday 1 June. Stream Flash React below.

Written by Jake Wilton