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Bayharbour Drop New Track, Announce Last-Minute Single Launch + Album Details


Brisbane’s resident metalcore crew Bayharbour are about to unveil another belter Life In The Clouds, the second single taken from their freshly announced upcoming debut album ‘Time Lapse’. The single is a punchier, more aggressive side of the band than previous single Stargazing, showing a return to their roots of riffs and brutal breakdowns.

The song opens with a thundering drum beat underneath a busy guitar riff, which builds into a fast-paced first verse. Punk beats, octave chords, and shimmery lead notes punctuate the verse as frontman Jay Sibthorpe tells the story of a man trapped in the never-ending cycle of life. “I’m so sick of feeling useless trapped here in this cage/I’m sick of feeling like a gear in the machine”, a metaphor for being stuck in a job you hate and feeling like you can’t move on or grow.

Through a snare-roll build up into a punchy pre-chorus thick with bass chugs and dissonant guitar lines, Sibthorpe continues to roar about the inadequacies of life. This culminates into a full chorus explosion, with clean and harsh vocal back-and-forth from drummer/clean vocalist Nat Patterson and Sibthorpe.

We are then met with a crushing breakdown, laced with intense chugs and thunderous drum beats. Sibthorpe bellows out, “Take hold of the hate that you have for your masters”, a powerful call-to-arms for the upheaval of monotonous day-to-day labour. The song crescendos into a shredding solo from guitarist Thomas Bryden, lifting the song into epic territory before a powerful ending.

The accompanying music video shows the band performing in a black room, with black tape over their mouths and Sibthorpe’s eyes, which is clear visual symbolism of the song’s message. The narrative follows a day-in-the-life of a man (portrayed by Sibthorpe), catching the train and heading to work (clearly hating it), before ultimately ripping the tape off his eyes, untying his tie and leaving it all behind…

Bayharbour have been cheekily teasing the existence of their debut album with the release of Stargazing not long ago. Now with the release of Life In The Clouds the band has announced their debut album ‘Time Lapse’, set for release on Friday the 2nd of December. If the last two singles are anything to go by, ‘Time Lapse’ is set to be a fast, furious, and lyrically relatable ride!

The quintet are headlining a last-minute single launch at The Brightside in support of singles Life In The Clouds and Stargazing. Check out the music video for Life In The Clouds and the Brisbane single launch info!

Bayharbour Life in the Clouds Single Launch

The Brightside, Brisbane

Facebook Event HERE