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Beddy Rays Unveil Brit-Rock Revival with ‘Silverline’

Embarking on what promises to be a monumental year, the Brisbane-based quartet Beddy Rays makes a triumphant return with their inaugural release of 2024, unveiling the captivating single ‘Silverline.’ Adding an extra layer of nostalgia to the celebration, the band has dropped an official music video reminiscent of the early 2000s, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of their latest sonic creation. This marks the commencement of a thrilling journey for Beddy Rays, as they set the stage for an exciting year ahead.

Crafted amidst the adventures of a UK tour, ‘Silverline’ emerges as a testament inspired by the rich tapestry of the local scene. Breaking new ground for the band, this track unveils a previously untapped sound, skillfully brought to life through a collaboration with acclaimed UK producer Tarek Musa (known for his work with Gengahr, Circa Waves, Spring King). Enlisting the support of borrowed instruments from the esteemed UK indie royalty, The Wombats, ‘Silverline’ captures the essence of Brit-rock influences, marking a bold exploration into uncharted musical territories for the band.

“This tune brings new sounds the fellas have never explored and packs a punch worth copping. The song touches on the complexity and uncertainty that comes along with touring and relationships”. – Jack Van Issum, Beddy Rays.

Complementing their latest single, the band have curated a visually captivating music video reminiscent of the Brit-rock aesthetics of the 2000s. The video is a vibrant kaleidoscope of bright visuals, artfully layered like a collage of cut-out magazine clippings. As the song unfolds, the lyrics come to life on the screen, adding an interactive dimension to the viewing experience. The nostalgic nods to the 2000s, coupled with the innovative visual treatment, make ‘Silverline’s video a dynamic and engaging accompaniment to the band’s newest musical endeavour.

To us, the song really captures that classic Brit Rock/UK inspiration from our time over there and working with UK producer Tarek Musa. We really wanted to emulate the same formula used in videos like ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ (Jet) and ‘Karma Seeker’ (Vant) and thought this would be a great way to do it.”Beddy Rays.

Silverline shines as a testament to Beddy Rays’ evolution, blending the nostalgia of 2000s Brit-rock with a fresh auditory exploration, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating the unfolding chapters of the band’s musical journey.

Written by Chris Lamaro