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Being A Wolf Q & A: Timberwolf

Timberwolf 2016

Timberwolf is the folk-rock project of 24-year-old Adelaidian Christopher Panousakis. With strong roots in 60’s/70’s blues and rock, the singer-songwriter’s take on modern folk-rock music is something of a revelation in a live setting. Ahead of his appearance at The Peninsula Picnic we threw Timberwolf a few questions about his animal instincts.

Would you be a lone wolf or a pack hunter?

I would be a lone wolf that found a best friend.

What would be your preferred prey, deer, moose, or Justin Bieber?

Donald Trump. Then I would feed the deer and moose with his toupe.

If you had a wolves sense of smell, what would be the first thing you’d sniff out?

I would probably sniff out morning coffee and all things vanilla.

Would you describe yourself as an alpha or beta?

Alpha. I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum, I’m great at making decisions and I’ve got strong visions, which is why I pursed music as a solo career. Whilst I do love sharing the experience, and it’s more fun that way, you kind of either have to come with me, my way or not at all.

If you were a werewolf would you risk venturing into human civilisation?

Always, the benefits in lone and companionship far outweigh the risks. Although, much like STD’s I would feel guilty infecting anyone with something they don’t want.

As a wolf, who’s you current favourite howler?

Kevin Parker. He howls I guess.

How do you think your new EP ‘Flux’ compares to your previous releases?

There’s a lot more pain. I think it’s a huge step forward in authenticity and musically, but even ‘Flux’ isn’t where I want to be.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on your music and sound?

I take influences from everywhere between The Beatles, to The Doobie Brothers, 2Pac, Frank Sinatra, and Van Morrison.

Finally, you’re playing the The Peninsula Picnic on March 20, what’s needed for an awesome picnic according to Timberwolf?

Probably some card games, ciggies, cheap red wine, and brie.

Timberwolf Live Dates

Shebeen Bandroom, Melbourne
The Peninsula Picnic, The Mornington Peninsula VIC