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Ben Avitra’s Latest Release, ‘The River,’ Chronicles Turbulent Journeys and Soars with Earthy Musicality

Perth-based singer-songwriter, Ben Avitra has just revealed his grounded new single, The River. The introspective track follows on from Ben’s previous releases, Call On Another and Well Now.

Delving into a raw and demanding storyline within ‘The River,’ Ben Avitra takes a introspective look at a series of unsettling encounters during his late teenage years, particularly focusing on a tumultuous friendship. As the narrative unfolds, Avitra reveals the struggles of his close companion who spiraled into the depths of heavy drug abuse, resulting in a challenging and unpredictable dynamic within their shared living space. The once harmonious sharehouse transformed into a volatile environment marked by tension and unpredictability, reflecting the profound impact of addiction on relationships and personal well-being.

“In my late teens, I had a good friend whom I cared for who ended up grappling with a heavy drug addiction. My friend and I would bear witness to her comedowns, and it only got worse over time.  At one point, she was throwing my personal belongings out of the house and it became pure mental and emotional abuse. It ultimately led me to having to leave the house in a hurry. There was nothing I could do or say, and we didn’t speak for years. This is a reflection on that time.” Ben Avitra.  

In contrast to its sombre narrative roots, ‘The River’ exudes an earthy and grounded vibe, gracefully navigating from its opening notes to its final chord. The spacious finger-picked acoustic guitar played with delicate precision, establishes a serene foundation, while Ben Avitra’s heartfelt vocals command a presence that resonates with authenticity. The composition builds anticipation, weaving a stirring and awe-inspiring atmosphere, punctuated by the introduction of a stoic drumbeat.

‘The River’ stands as a poignant testament to Ben Avitra’s ability to seamlessly blend evocative storytelling with an earthy musicality, leaving listeners immersed in the haunting beauty of his emotive narratives. It’s available now everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro