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Between Kings’ Arena-Sized Rock Will Hit You In The Heart & Guts With ‘The Escape’

‘The Escape’ is the debut album from Between Kings and, after a month a solid month of raking in 100k+ plays on Spotify, the group have unveiled a hometown-shot video clip that emphasises the title track’s biggest and proudest moments.

There’s an immense sense of passion and honesty to Between Kings’ music. They don’t beat around the bush—their lyrics, matched with their unflinching instrumentation, sparks a light in the listener. Heart, soul and mind, Between Kings is the energetic musicianship Australia needs—competing in the bombastic market of Imagine Dragons or Thirty Seconds To Mars, these guys will be lavishing arenas worldwide in no time.

In addition to the group’s arena-sized rock anthems, they also expand their lyrics in a narrative form, touching on issues of self-esteem and domestic violence. The accompanying video cuts between the band performing the song—a perfect window into their impassioned live set—and brilliantly filmed expose shots of the song’s subject matter. Lead singer and band leader, Nic Machuca, said The Escape is a fictional story of insecurity based of real-world experience.

This song is a window into the minds of four young guys from Australia. It’s our way of expressing our desire to dismantle the insecurities in life and create our own reality,” divulged Machuca.

‘The Escape’, Between Kings’ debut album, is expected on digital shelves 4 May. Pre-order HERE. Stream the video for The Escape below.

Written by Jake Wilton