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Big Orange Return With Nostalgic Vibes In Their New Single, ‘Mum Says I’m Ok’

Perth-based indie rock outfit Big Orange have today revealed their brand new single, Mum Says I’m Ok. It’s their third release of 2022, following on from their much-loved alt-rock singles, Love’s Not Enough and By The Dozen.

Mum Says I’m Ok oozes out at you with a true feeling of 90’s style nostalgia. Like iconic bands such as The Dandy Warhols or our very own Ammonia, the track carries an energy of a soundtrack to your favourite teen drama movie. Grungy guitars backed by prominent and thumping drums with a super cool vocal delivery make for the ultimate alternative tune. Lyrically, the track comes with a powerful feel-good message to block out your naysayers and keep on.

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I think everyone with a passion can relate to these lyrics. Daniel showed me this track a few months ago and I dug the shit outta it. It’s a slow burn with a superbly hooky chorus when it hits.” – Emma Adams, Big Orange

It is filled with feel-good moments; Mum Says I’m Ok places Big Orange at the top of their game. A truly catchy alt-rock piece of perfection. It’s available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro