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Blaenavon Unveil Cinematic Clip For “Let’s Pray”


Blaenavon have just unveiled a Hollywood-quality video for their latest brooding track Let’s Pray, the second offering from their forthcoming debut album after ferocious leading single I Will Be The World.

Let’s Pray meanders along like a Joy Division song, the instrumentals carrying the same bittersweet happiness you might expect of The Cure. Moody vocals full of swagger stumble across the track like the character in the accompanying video, while the instrumentals pop with harmonies to match the backing vocals.

Asked about Let’s Pray, Blaenavon lead singer Ben Gregory offered his meatiest life advice. “When the best songs have all already been written, order yourself a smile and a steak – equally as rare – chew with your mouth closed and your hands in your pockets and wait…wait for sanity. She’ll settle up.”

The video features the same dark cinematics you expect of a modern superhero movie with an ominous baseball-bat wielding character making her way through the suburbs. Meanwhile, a bloody and battered frontman of Blaenavon struggles from a tennis court to a car. Talk about drama.

Check out Blaenavon’s Let’s Pray music video below!