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Blanco Tranco Reveal Sophomore EP, ‘Get Back To Me When It’s Over’

After a series of emotionally charged and glistening individual releases, Blanco Tranco, the dream pop quartet hailing from Naarm/Melbourne, makes a triumphant comeback with their latest EP titled Get Back To Me When It’s Over. This release marks their second creative endeavor since their inception in 2020, showcasing their evolution and prowess within the genre.

Through a celestial tapestry woven with guitar lines drenched in reverb, introspective lyrics that provoke thought, and vocals that exude both blissful ache and captivating melodies, Blanco Tranco weaves a poignant narrative of yearning in their second EP. With profound grace, they embrace the notions of pain, metamorphosis, and the journey of self-discovery, all elegantly encapsulated within the embrace of six entrancing tracks.

“Each song on the EP is about something different. You could say that an overarching theme of the EP is the experience of challenges and changes in one’s life.” says guitarist Matt.

“In comparison to our first EP which was centred around nostalgia and young love, this release takes more of a turn towards coming to terms with oneself and figuring out who you are and how you feel about the world & the people in it, especially in challenging times.” adds vocalist Tiff.

Encompassing the wistful and shoegaze-infused tones of ‘Lara’, the evocative vocal refrains that linger in ‘Petrichor’, and the sun-kissed coastal ambiance found in ‘Take Care Of Yourself’, Blanco Tranco’s second EP introduces an array of sonic experiences. Among these gems are three previously unheard tracks, notably the centerpiece ‘Swim Between The Flags’, a poignant tribute to establishing essential boundaries within challenging relationships.

“I felt like I was the happiest I had been right before lockdown began and since then everything changed. People hate talking about it because they want to just forget about it but the impact it had on us is undeniable and difficult to explain.” says Tiff.

Mark your calendars for August 18th as Blanco Tranco unveils the much-anticipated ‘Get Back To Me When It’s Over’ at The Bergy Bandroom in Brunswick. The launch event promises an evening adorned with musical brilliance, featuring an impressive lineup including the likes of Great Australian Bank, Wilding, and Total Care. For enthusiasts, the EP will also be up for grabs in a special limited edition vinyl release, with the added delight of finding the 2021 EP ‘I’ve Been Dying To Tell You’ and the captivating single ‘Devil’s Ivy’ gracing the Side B.


Written by John Zebra