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Bombay Bicycle Club Announce Collaborative EP ‘Fantasies’ + New Single

Bombay Bicycle Club photographed by Tom Oxley

Today, Bombay Bicycle Club unveils the exciting details of their upcoming EP, “Bombay & Friends: Fantasies,” slated for release on the 23rd of February. This collaborative masterpiece boasts partnerships with Lucy Rose, Rae Morris, Liz Lawrence, and Matilda Mann, promising a fusion of diverse talents. Setting the stage for the EP, the band drops the first single, Fantasneeze. This dynamic track hits the airwaves today, offering a sneak peek into the sonic delights that await this highly anticipated release.

On the 23rd of February, the digital realm will be graced by the release of the Fantasies EP from Bombay Bicycle Club. For enthusiasts of tangible music experiences, there’s a special treat in the form of a limited physical release – a collector’s edition of 2,500 10” vinyl copies. These sought-after gems can be snagged at the band’s upcoming headline shows, their official website, or select independent record stores. In a commitment to sustainability, the EP is pressed on eco-mix vinyl, a forward-thinking material crafted by repurposing offcuts from other pressings. The environmentally conscious packaging includes an eco-friendly sleeve and shrink wrap, ensuring a harmonious fusion of music and ecological mindfulness.

“When we decided to hold ‘Fantasneeze’ back for its own release after the album, we kept working and finished off three other songs in short order. We think of this as a Bombay & Friends release because each song has a good friend of the band singing on it (Lucy Rose, Rae Morris, Liz Lawrence, Matilda Mann). Some are old friends with long-term, close associations to the band (Lucy Rose for instance) while Matilda Mann is a newer collaborator (having contacted Jack to do some co-writing initially a couple years ago). It’s also very much a continuation of My Big Day as it was recorded around the same time and mixed by Dave Fridmann.” – Bombay Bicycle Club.

Embarking on a triumphant return to the live stage in 2024, Bombay Bicycle Club is set to ignite the UK and Ireland with a sweeping headline tour in January and February, beginning an exhilarating musical journey. Following this, the band will cross the Atlantic for a headline tour across North America, promising their fans across the pond an unforgettable experience. The pinnacle of their tour awaits with the grandiosity of the band’s largest headline show to date at London’s Alexandra Palace Park on the 12th of July, promising an iconic moment in their storied career. Stay tuned for additional excitement as festival dates will soon be unveiled, adding another layer to the musical tapestry that Bombay Bicycle Club has in store for their dedicated fanbase.

Written by Chris Lamaro