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Born Joy Dead Diss The Corporate Grind In Video “Sourdough”


Here at AAA we are a little hazy on office decorum – as I speak there is a frisbee on the desk. So the latest video for Born Joy Dead’s single Sourdough has been a useful Workplace Health and Safety reference for us!

Work seems to be a central theme of the 2016 music canvas, although when lead singer Ben Dalton croons “work work work”, he means it in a slightly different way to Rihanna. The track itself articulates the reality of most creative types, the formidable day job. It’s all about what you have to do to bring home the [sour]dough.

Set in an 80’s workplace, the band is decked out in paisley ties and slicked barnetts. With their ironed eyebrows and suits in tow, they take us through the do’s and don’ts of office life. Saying no to food fights, roller-chair races and indoor cricket in a series of role play scenarios, it highlights the truly beige nature of the corporate grind.

Despite being office rapscallions, the band has created a truly charming summery indie tune. Swirling guitars over an airy vocal melody kick off the track, giving way to Dalton’s vocals. It’s perfect for a trip to the beach; a place the band would much rather be by the sounds of it.

If you’re an indie fiend, or confused about how to behave in front of your colleagues, flick it a play!