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Boxed In Back For Round Two With New Single ‘Jist’

boxed in

Not even a year since the release of their debut self-titled album and London boys, Boxed In are back with the release of the lead single from their forthcoming sophomore album ‘Melt’. With ‘Boxed In’ receiving major critical and commercial claim, and resulting in sold out shows in London, Boxed In have dropped their new single Jist, ready for the next chapter of releases.

The masterful single is a clean, intricate production of electronic pop that allows you to indulge in the outlandish realm of Boxed In’s eclectic dance track. Jist escalates with the balanced use of vocals and electronic production to create a universally enjoyable tune. A heavy bass line thuds along with a light staccato drum line before introducing frontman, Oli Bayston’s smooth, smoky vocals delivering an infectious melody.

Rolling on the foundation of drum and bass, synthesisers build with the vocal hook, “just can’t get the jist of it,” before the song is pummeled with a euphoric instrumental hook. Jist delivers an eclectic pattern of delicate piano lines, a lively drum and bass line, and the perfect balance of vocals, setting a high standard for Boxed In’s forthcoming album.

‘Melt’ is an album of reconciliation with 11 experimental tracks unloading the passion and soundscape of Bayston’s mind. ‘Melt’ is due to be released Friday 23th September.