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Brandon Poletti Releases Soulful New Single ‘Move Away,’ Capturing the Desire for a Fresh Start

Boorloo/Perth-based alt-country artist Brandon Poletti has released his new single, Move Away. The track finds solace in the idea of starting fresh and captures the feeling of outgrowing one’s hometown. Known for his raw yet comforting sound, Poletti delivers a smooth and serene listening experience with warm keys, smooth guitar licks, and his soulful country rasp.

In 2023, Poletti achieved significant milestones, including winning Best Country Group at the WA Music Awards with Brandon Poletti & The Eagleton Brothers. He was also nominated for several awards, including five WAM Song of The Year nominations and eight WA Country Music Awards nominations.

Produced by Josh Dyson, Move Away combines soft textures and a tranquil atmosphere. The tremolo in the keys and Poletti’s vibrato enhance the track’s soothing nature. The song tells the story of someone feeling stuck in a town that no longer feels like home, longing for change and contemplating a new life.

“Move Away reflects on the weight of the past and the fleeting nature of time,” Poletti explains. “It’s about a person who feels disillusioned and longs to break free, considering leaving town and starting anew.”

Move Away is a warm, relatable track that resonates with anyone feeling the need for a fresh start.

Written by John Zebra