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Bree Tranter Gets Us Keen For Her Album With Dreamy New Track

Bree tranter

Indie singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Bree Tranter has announced the release of her debut album ‘Another Night on Earth’, and we’re really excited about it! The album is set for release in late June, and after months of teasing us on social media she’s finally released the lead single.

‘Another Night on Earth’ was written and recorded over a two year period and is an exciting mix between smooth, dreamy pop and rough electronica. First single Tuesday Fresh Cuts is a pretty exciting taste of what’s to come for indie fans.

Parts of the album were recorded in a bedroom-studio, so it’s fitting Tuesday Fresh Cuts is the sort of track you could listen to in bed in the early morning. Tranter’s lush vocals layered over slow beats and jazzy instrumentals make for an ultimately chill track.

The music video for Tuesday Fresh Cuts is seriously cool, it’s pretty much an indie dream. Tranter filmed the video on a GoPro while riding around Sydney. The video features a lot of cool angles, beautiful colours, and has this hazy, dreamlike sort of vibe that perfectly complements the track.

Be sure to check out Bree Tranter’s album ‘Another Night on Earth’, set for release on Friday 24 June!

Another night on earth