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Brisbane Art Pop Band Fresco Release Debut Single

Fresco Press Image

Brisbane art pop band Fresco have dived into the indie music scene with the release of their debut single, Separate. If this track is anything to go by, we should expect for some seriously al fresco listening from these guys.

Separate is a low key lost love anthem. The track is an atmospheric blend of light electrics, slow drum beat, and falsetto-laden melodies. Intense lyrics like “Even when you’re kissing him/You know that It’s always been mine that you really want to run to” are hidden behind the soft vocals of lead singer, Robbie Balmer.

The quartet Brisbane band of high school friends boast they are the band “for people searching for something new.” They want to be “something that connects with the way they live their lives and something that leaves them wanting more”. Although Fresco are only starting out with a few followers, they have an immaculately well branded website and are hitting social media hard. They’ve got the band, they’ve got the brand. But will they get the followers?

Check out the debut track Separate below, although I do warn it may bring up nostalgic feelings only donuts can soothe. 

Fresco Live Dates

The Powerhouse, Brisbane