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Brissie Party-Punk Rockers The Strums Release Cracking New Music Video


Brisbane 3-piece The Strums are no strangers to having a good time, and their newest music video She Only Loves Me ‘Cause I Love The Ramones is a shining example of this. As one of Brisbane’s most dynamic and interesting upcoming groups, The Strums have wowed listeners with their brand of simple but effective feel-good punk numbers.

The music video for She Only Loves Me ‘Cause I Love The Ramones shows a montage of the band dressed in costumes raising hell all over town (a fitting theme given the voracious and free spirited nature of their music). It’s refreshing to see that the band don’t take themselves too seriously, and in true rock spirit prioritise having a good time over anything else.

Many punk bands tend to lose some of the energy or shock factor of their songs when they are recorded, but this is not the case with The Strums. She Only Loves Me ‘Cause I Love The Ramones translates the vibrant spirit of their live performance onto record wonderfully. Though the song is short, it demonstrates what The Strums do best; quick bursts of intense, three chord anthems that scream with youthful vitality.

Of course, the song is only an appetiser for the full monty; to get the best Strums experience you have to see them live. Jai (Vocals, guitar) acts as the melodic driving force of the music, as his vocals and guitar make up a large portion of the group’s sound. Helen (Bass) is more of the visual component to the band’s energy, and her entertaining and spontaneous stage antics keep the crowd guessing at every turn. Dan is their backbone, holding the trio’s sound together with his driving and powerful drumming.

If you don’t live in Brisbane fear not, you can catch The Strums on their current tour supporting From The Jam’s national tour. In the meantime, have a listen to She Only Loves Me ‘Cause She Loves The Ramones below!

The Strums Live Dates

Solbar, Sunshine Coast
The Triffid, Brisbane
The Gov, Adelaide
Capitol, Perth

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