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Brit Rockers Syd Arthur Drop New Single “Apricity”, Video & Album News


Brit psych-rockers Syd Arthur have announced the date for their upcoming fourth album, dropped the title track single Apricity, AND debuted its vibrant music video! Busy lads.

As the second single release from the album, Apricity pops and bounces with mixes of electronic pulses and a strong, steady drum beat. Despite a softened middle section of stripped-back keyboard and vocals, the track’s feature guitar work can only be described as infectious.

“This album is the distillation of everything we have been exploring in our music up until now. It points forward into a brave new world of sonic development for us,” the Syd Arthur boys said.

The Apricity video opens to just a therma-silhouette of the band, instruments and all, as they perform atop a giant illuminated block. The funky-coloured vid comes as part of a trilogy conceptualised by frontman Liam Magill, so we’ll be eagerly awaiting parts two and three!

Syd Arthur’s fourth album ‘Apricity’ drops on October 21st, though in the meantime get pumped with the crazy colourful Apricity video below!