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Burning Jacobs Ladder Enters The Fray With His Impressive Debut, ‘Danger In Me’

Gold Coast artist Burning Jacob Ladder has entered the game today with his debut single, Danger In Me. It’s just under 4 mins of pure fuzz reminiscent of the some mid 90’s alternative grunge and we’re all for it!

Danger In Me is an impressive way to debut with Burning Jacobs Ladder aka Jake Johnson writing, performing, producing and mixing the entire track himself. It’s smooth and cool in it’s delivery with fuzzy guitars and thumping drums. You’re instantly taken to a wild west kind of a vibe when pressing play on this one.

The track has a feeling of confidence with the way it sounds however lyrically it takes a different direction, the track in fact touches on mental health and doubt.

“The track is about the side of you that you don’t like and you try to bury. You doubt your own decisions and try to escape from them and the environment that you find yourself in. In the end, you are longing for something you know is harmful and being torn between the two.” – Burning Jacobs Ladder

Burning Jacobs Ladder has set the bar high with his impressive songwriting and track delivery. We’re told there is a slew of singles to come in 2021 and if this first single is anything to go by we can’t wait for the rest.

Danger In Me is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro